Having studied Finance and management at Georgetown University, Fatema found a passion for Marketing when she realized that it was significant to connect with customers to get your products off the shelves. Not only does she handle a portfolio of 150 products and services including beverages, detergents, to textiles, to insurance ( She has recently written a book titled “Marketing for An African Powerhouse” that was launched last year. The book has been used as part of the Georgetown University management curriculum. As a side Hustle Fatema has talked on several platforms regarding marketing and management. She has also conducted various workshops to help other businesses build their Marketing game.

Marketing for winners workshop

This workshop provided Fool proof techniques to grow customer business sales by up to 25% Including ways to
Improve client retention, get more repeat sales, acquire new customers for your business

Instagram for winners, workshop

This workshop was to help people grow their social media businesses, make better sales, increase engagement with their audience.



Five years ago, working twelve hours a day, five and a half days a week. Fatema came to the realization that while she loved her job and was deeply passionate about her work, she sensed as though something was lacking in her life. She felt like she wasn’t making a difference, that she wasn’t being of service.

This is where Educate, empower and Inspire was born. Growing up Fatema was fortunate enough to attend schools of the highest caliber and play golf competitively – a costly sport. She had the constant support of her father and her brothers. Quickly she realized that many girls were not given the same support or opportunities. She decided she wanted to empower women to use their gifts, their talents and their strengths to do something with their lives. She wanted to raise awareness about the importance of empowering women for society as well as for the economy. Having conducted over 50 interviews, spoken to over 10,000 people in the last five years. Fatema is passionate about pushing the human race forward.



Fatema grew up on the golf course, winning her first tournament at only seven years old. She is a keen believer that fitness is a fundamental aspect to growing one’s character, discipline and mental toughness. Everyday Fatema makes it a point to ingrain fitness into her lifestyle, through running, kickboxing and High intensity training exercises. In order to encourage the public and create awareness about developing a healthy lifestyle. Fatema has produced several videos on health and fitness.