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Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing group of Harvard MBA students while they were on a Field Global Immersion course with METL.

From the zoom conferences calls, to the factory visit and the various exchanges

I learnt a valuable lesson as a leader and that is to LISTEN and be the last to speak! Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Most of us have a tendency to speak more than we listen, create opinion’s, feel like we know the challenges and the solutions to the challenges.

One of the most fundamental elements to a growth mindset is really holding your opinions to yourself until everyone has spoken. Not only does it give everyone the feeling that they have been heard, but it also gives YOU the benefit of hearing everyone else before forming an opinion.

So how do you create a growth mindset

– Practice, practice, practice – begin to view situations in life with a new outlook. The next time you hear criticism or something does not work out the way you expected, pause and think about how to use this in a way to help you grow.
– Surround yourself with people of similar mindsets. You are shaped and influenced everyday by the people around you, be selective about those who you are close with.
– Realize that everyone has their own viewpoint and learn to respect that in others; talk less and listen more.
– If you want to hit your dream, your desire, your goal deeply enough, you will always find ways towards it. With the right mind-set and the right attitude, anything and everything can be learnt.

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